Monday, July 26, 2010

finally our own label

we had been making a lot of clothing and accessories lately,
like shredded tee shirt and shredded scarf.
and it will be a really sad thing if we didn't get our label sewn onto our creations.

handmade artist like us had really difficult time ordering woven labels from factory
cause normally they required us to order in bulk.
so if you are having the same problem, this will be a solution for you!

this we got from amazon, which they deliver worldwide,
so your location wouldn't be a problem at all!

so how does it work?
it work just like any other paper, except one side of it is polyester
and the other side is a piece of paper which u will later peel off.

work your design on your computer, put this fabric sheet into your printer and print.
wait for like 12 hours for the ink to dry, rinse them in cold water, wait for it to dry again.
then iron them to set the ink.
but be sure to rmb that this doesn't work on laser printer.
and there you are! your own label!

im so in love with this picture.
from the light you are tell how great the sun is shining outside!

and that make my day=]

rita c.

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